Food ideas for road trips

I love road trips.  I have gone on two-month road trips and just day trips, so I know how dangerous they can be for overeating.  You’re stuck in the car for hours.  You’ve already listened to the playlist you created 3 times, and you feel hungry.  Sometimes you don’t even feel hungry, you just want something to do because there is nothing to look at out the window… thank you I-80 in Wyoming.  For me chewing on something really helps me stay awake too.  So what do you do?  EAT!  

Here are some suggestions I have for snacks in the car.  

Celery & Carrots

My favorite thing to cut up for road trips is celery.  Not only is celery super low in calories, but it can be very toothbrush like when you eat it.  After hours in the car it can be nice to chew on something that doesn’t contribute to more bad breath.. Ha ha.

I also love bringing carrot sticks.  If you don’t feel like cutting carrots, you can go with baby carrots and just open up the bag.  

The best thing about celery and carrots is that they don’t get mushy easily or turn brown.  They stay delicious for a long time, and that is great for a car snack.


Popcorn is pretty low calorie.  If you air-pop it and leave it plain, it is really low.  I like to add a little Earth Balance buttery spread to mine.  They even sell popcorn in pre-popped bags, but be careful on the calories of these.  Still it is probably better than chips and definitely better than candy.

Grapes & Apples

Grapes and cut apples are my favorite road trip fruits.  They are easy to eat in the car and relatively mess free.  Grapes are the best.  Besides washing them there is almost no prep.  I usually take them off of the stems to make them easier to eat in the car.  But you don’t really even need to do that.  Apples aren’t messy either.  If you cut them up in advance, they are also easy to eat, and they don’t make your hands and steering wheel all sticky.  Grapes can get a little smashed if you aren’t careful, so be careful!


Gum is nice for the car.  Just chewing something can make you feel like you’re eating.  And with all of the fruity flavors out there, it almost feels like you’re eating candy.  Minty gum helps me stay awake when I start to feel tired.  Just make sure you get sugar free gum.


Water is a great thing to drink during a car trip.  For me it helps with the munchies.  Also it is a lot better than drinking a bunch of high calorie beverages while driving.  If you get tired of plain water, there are many types of flavor packs you can add to a water bottle that are zero calorie or low calorie. They usually come in serving sized packets, so they don’t take up a lot of space, and you don’t have to measure out stuff in the car.

Suggestions for high calorie snacks

Sometimes while you are driving you crave chips or something salty like nuts or…. CANDY. If you decide to bring these, I would suggest portioning the high calorie snacks out into servings in advance.  You can use a food scale to weigh out the servings and put them into sandwich bags.  Then instead of eating an unknown amount of chips or M&Ms out of a giant bag, you’ll know exactly how many you ate.  Remember, you want to know how many you ate… you really do!

Have fun on your next road trip.  Feel free to add more suggestions in the comments.

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