Taking a Break


Sometimes you just need a break! I had a lot of weight to lose after baby #3. It was overwhelming for me. My approach was to just take it one day at a time. I started logging my food and I started seeing results. The results motivated me. I did really well for about 10 months, and then something happened… The Holidays. With the short days, parties and general holiday business, burnout set in. It was clear I needed a break, so I took a short break from logging food in December hoping I would feel more motivated after the holiday season. Well I sort of did. I started logging again in January but I had hit a major plateau. I wasn’t losing any weight. I still had about 15 pounds to go. I started getting discouraged and then it felt like a downward spiral. I stopped logging food and weight. I did, however, continue to weigh myself every morning.

I started to see my weight slowly creep up. I had set a max weight that I didn’t want to go over again. After two and a half months I hit that max, so I started logging food and weight again. This time though, i felt better!

I was logging again with renewed enthusiasm. It has been about 2 weeks, and I feel so much better after taking a break.
Hopefully this time around I can get down to my goal weight.

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